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Is travel to and from Europe included in the trip?
For Europe, the airfare is no longer included to respect travelers' desire to use points on their credit cards!.

Do you provide transportation for all the excursions?
Yes, all land transportation is included in the cost.

Is the cost of the excursions included?
Yes, Travel France covers all excursion costs.

Will I feel comfortable even if I do not know the language?
Yes, NO worries here!  You'll have your bilingual guide by your side!

Are the accommodations comfortable and well-equipped?
Yes, the villas, inns, and châteaux chosen are exquisite in service, location, and amenities.

Will I have time on my own?
Yes, absolutely, there will be time to yourself to explore or relax.

Will I get "to know" an area and meet the people?
Yes, Travel France offers the luxury of lingering!

Are meals included?
Yes, breakfast and dinner are always included.

Will we have the benefit of Carol's expertise on our trip?
Yes, Carol accompanies all her guests from day 1 to the last au revoir!

Do you provide other travel opportunities?
Yes, Avec plaisir! We lead the C.R.B. Specials for the budget-minded  as well as design unescorted trips for independent  travelers.  For armchair travelers - Slide show soirées!

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